Hi There.

My Name is Stan Chang.


My Work

I am a Program Manager on the Near Field Communications (NFC) Team at Microsoft. I design and drive the development of new features that enable Windows users to securely and efficiently pay for goods using Tap to Pay functionality. My feature design experience ranges from delivering new standards-based driver stack capabilities to improving the user experience at the operating system shell level. As an avid user of technology myself, I seek to improve how users interact with advanced technology and to bring such technology to those that need it the most.

My Story

I split my time between Seattle and Taipei during my formative years - elementary school in the US, middle school and high school in Taiwan, college back again in the US. This rapid change of environment has conditioned me to fearlessly adapt to new surroundings and learn to welcome these changes as opportunities to grow. My favorite sports are basketball and snowboarding. I have been bitten by the photography bug and have started my journey into the world of amateur photography. New skills that I want to pick up include becoming fluent in French, learning to sail and to play the guitar.

My Background

Windows Mobile Connectivity Program Manager

AP Computer Science Teaching Assistant

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with Honors

ThinkChicago Fellow


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